Welcome to the Cheshire Local Heritage List Platform.

Local heritage plays an essential role in creating and reinforcing a sense of local character and distinctiveness in the historic environment. It can be formally identified in a number of ways, as part of the wider range of designation, and one such way is the production of local heritage lists. These enable the significance of any building or site on the list to be better taken into account in planning applications affecting the building or site or its setting.

We see the Cheshire Local List as a community-driven dataset. Rather than impose detailed criteria, which may be restrictive and exclusive, we have developed non-asset-specific criteria which we hope will enable local communities to define local heritage significance on their own terms.

While aspects of the local heritage of Cheshire will always connect to national and regional themes, it is important that particular places also have the opportunity to have recognised the significance of heritage that is important to them alone.

The Cheshire Local List gives importance to local heritage within the planning system, but also allows the expression of community identity, both through the list itself and through engagement in the research and designation process. It is a key component of conservation area management and Neighbourhood Plan development, and allows numerous stakeholders to better understand and appreciate the heritage of the county and its communities.

Using the menu and drop-downs above, you can find more information on how to take part and the different criteria we use to assess the significance of local heritage assets. There is also a forum you can use to ask questions and, of course, the proposal system itself.