Welcome to Cambridgeshire’s Local Heritage Lists Portal!

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) made funds available to 22 Local Authority areas including Cambridgeshire, as part of a national pilot to improve the provision and standard of Local Lists across England.

Here you will find lots of information about the Local Heritage Lists for Cambridgeshire, including guidance on how you can get involved in the project and nominate candidate buildings and archaeological sites.

Cambridgeshire has many locally important heritage assets, which are valued by local people and contribute positively to the county’s character and identity. These heritage assets, which may be buildings, archaeological remains, parks, gardens or public works of art, sometimes have little or no protection, and over time these special places can be lost. By adding these heritage assets to a Local Heritage List we can ensure their local importance is recognised and taken into account in the planning process. Once on the list, these assets become known as Non-Designated Heritage Assets (NDHAs). They differ from those sites that have statutory protection through national designation, such as Listed Buildings and Scheduled Monuments.

What are the Local Lists for Cambridgeshire

The Local Heritage Lists for Cambridgeshire will record some of the buildings, structures and archaeological sites which contribute towards making our communities and places special. 

Inclusion on a list does not introduce the need for new Planning Consents or mean that change cannot take place. However, where the planning process applies, it allows for assets to be easily identified and for change to be carefully managed, ensuring that what is most significant about them is recorded.

Local Listing provides improved clarity for owners and all interested parties. Significance will be identified as part of the assessment process and once adopted the list will be published on this website and each District Council's website. The Cambridgeshire Historic Environment Record will manage the Lists on behalf of the Cambridge City CouncilEast Cambridgeshire District CouncilFenland District CouncilHuntingdonshire District Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council.