Creating simple content page: settings

The following documents the information to be recorded under the ‘Settings’ tab.

Settings tab on page creator


The slug is the url segment that will be used to link to this page. It is recommended to leave the slug blank when creating new pages, the slug will be generated based on the Page Heading. Slugs should be lower case and any characters that are not allowed in URLs will be automatically removed. It is recommended to plan your page names and site structure before creating pages; page slugs should remain as stable as possible as they will be indexed by search engines and bookmarked by users.

Parent Slug

A page becomes a child page of another page if you enter the slug of the other page as the parent slug. The menu hierarchy is determined by the parent child relationship between pages. If you enter an invalid parent slug it will be ignored but will not cause any error. You can also manage the hierarchy from the Page Manager.

Override URL

If you populate this field with an URL then the page is used only as a means to add the URL as a menu item. The page content in that case is not used or visible to users. You can use a relative URL or a fully qualified URL so it can link to external sites. Use this with caution and note that once populated the only way to edit the page is from the link in Page Manager.

Show heading

On most pages you will probably want the page heading to show. If unchecked then the page heading will not be shown.

Show child menu

If the page is a parent of other pages, you check this box to make it show a menu of links to the child pages.

Disable HTML editor

If you don't want to use the HTML WYSIWYG editor check this box.

No content only show child menu

Check this box if the current page is only meant as a parent container for other pages and has no content of it's own.

Enable comments

If ticked website users will be able to leave comments on pages and posts.

Page order

This is the sort order of this page within its subtree of the menu. You can also move pages around easily from Page Manager, which will update the page order.

Menu filters

Leave blank to include this page in all menu views. A comma separated list of menu filter names can be used to filter the page out of the various menu views. For example enter breadcrumbs to leave a page out of other views but keep it in breadcrumbs. Standard menu filter names include: topnav,breadcrumbs,childtree. If you want to exclude a page from all menus, just use a non existent view name like 'none'.

View Roles

Leave View Roles blank for public pages. You can put comma separated role names here to make a page visible only to users who are role members.